January 2018

Becoming an Enemalta customer


Becoming an Enemalta customer You are likely to become an Enemalta customer for the first time your first property. In this regard, you would need to apply for a [...]

Becoming an Enemalta customer2022-06-06T14:39:55+02:00

Technical service specifications


Technical service specifications We are committed to providing you with an optimal service in line with all applicable regulations and international standards. Here are the technical service levels of [...]

Technical service specifications2022-06-06T14:38:44+02:00

Measuring your consumption


Measuring your consumption Your electricity consumption is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). One kilowatt hour is the amount of electrical energy consumed when switching on electrical equipment rated at [...]

Measuring your consumption2022-06-06T14:37:59+02:00

Enemalta plc appoints new CEO


Enemalta plc appoints new CEO 20.01.018 The Board of Directors of Enemalta plc announced the appointment of Inġ. Jason Vella as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective [...]

Enemalta plc appoints new CEO


Tariffs, billing and payments


Tariffs, billing and payments Our billing processes are handled by ARMS  Applicable tariffs Applicable tariffs for electricity services are regulated through the Electricity Supply Regulations (S.L. 545.01) and authorised [...]

Tariffs, billing and payments2023-12-06T14:46:51+01:00

Grid-connected renewable energy systems


Grid-connected renewable energy systems As the electricity network operator, we are responsible for providing you with the necessary metering and connection equipment to use your renewable energy generators (such [...]

Grid-connected renewable energy systems2023-05-09T16:41:23+02:00
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