2018 – 2019
network reinforcement investments

We are implementing several new infrastructural projects to maintain our network reinforcement commitments in Malta and Gozo during the next few years. Budgets exceeding €20 million have been allocated for these upgrades.

Improved network reliability at Marsaxlokk and Birzebbuga: We are doubling the capacity of our existing 33 kV distribution centre at Hal Far to increase network redundancy in this industrial zone and in the neighbouring localities of Marsaxlokk and Birzebbuga. This investment will also provide increased capacity to several manufacturing companies who are investing in new plant and machinery in this area during the next few years.

The project also includes the addition of over 30 kilometres of 33 kV cables and 11 kV cables to increase the flexibility of our connections between the Delimara Power Station and the distribution centres and substations supplying Marsaxlokk and Birzebbuga. 

Upgrading the electricity supply to the St Julian’s area:
During 2018 and 2019 we are implementing major upgrades to the two 33 kV distribution centres supplying St Julian’s and nearby localities. This area has experienced rapid growth in recent years, and many other extensive residential and commercial developments are expected to come on stream shortly.

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Reinforcing a major network node: We will be installing a new transformer to double the capacity of the 132 kV Kappara Distribution Centre, which supplies several 33 kV distribution centres in this region. This installation also links the Maghtab Terminal of the Malta-Italy Interconnector to the country’s high voltage distribution network. Our investment in the next few years will increase the flexibility and reliability of this crucial connection, further reducing the risk of supply disruptions due to network difficulties.

Upgrading the Marsascala Distribution Centre:
During 2018 we are launching a project to upgrade the Marsascala 33 kV Distribution Centre. Through the introduction of new transformers and switchgear, we are increasing the capacity of this network node to ensure security of supply in this growing seaside locality.    

New electricity supply connections for Gozo: We are laying 10 kilometres of new high voltage underground cables in Mellieħa to replace the old overhead lines that supply electricity to Gozo.

This €1.6 million investment is improving the reliability and security of the electricity distribution network supplying the island of Gozo. Replacing the old 33kV overhead lines with new underground cables reduces the risk of storm damages and other difficulties associated with the operation, repair and maintenance of overhead lines. It also leads to the elimination of the visual impact of these aerial lines and their pylons across kilometres of countryside in Mellieħa.

As part of these works, Enemalta is also increasing the capacity of the Mellieħa Bay area through the development of a new 11kV substation.

We are also working to upgrade switchgear in over 1,400 electricity distribution 11 kV substations across the Maltese Islands. This investment is laying the foundations for the full automation of these substations. It will facilitate remote switching operations and reduce the duration and frequency of electricity supply disruptions due to maintenance operations or network difficulties. These upgrades are also providing additional safety measures to engineers and technicians working in these substations.