Grid-connected renewable energy systems

As the electricity network operator, we are responsible for providing you with the necessary metering and connection equipment to use your renewable energy generators (such as wind turbines or photovoltaic panels), to feed electricity to the grid.

Grid-connected renewable energy generators are regulated by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services. Before connecting a renewable energy source (RES), such as photovoltaic panels, to the national electricity grid, you need to obtain written approval from the Regulator for Electricity and Water Services (REWS).

For more information about the required regulatory clearances for new grid-connected renewable energy generators, refer to the following ARMS application forms for the connection of these systems, or visit

Approval of systems greater than 16 A per phase
For any renewable energy system (RES) greater than 16 Amperes per phase (> 16A/Phase), you would also need a No Objection document from Enemalta plc. To provide this document, Enemalta will conduct a grid connection study.

The procedure followed by Enemalta to conduct the grid connection study and provide the No Objection document and some other important related details are shown on: 

If you are interested in connecting a RES to the national electricity grid, you would need to request the approval of the REWS. The application forms and additional details are available here

Once the REWS approves your application, you will be guided to apply at Enemalta via email on [email protected] with the “Details to DSO” document issued by REWS.  Enemalta will then provide necessary feedback and/or the No Objection document within the timeframes specified in the Process Guide above.

It is not excluded that an applicant wishes to carry a preliminary grid connection study for feasibility purposes before making a request to REWS. Applications for generators connected to the grid which will not benefit from a Feed-in Tariff scheme, e.g. a cogeneration plant (CHP) or a PV intended only for own consumption, shall carry a grid study with Enemalta Plc before applying at REWS. Actual grid allocation will be affected once you enter into an agreement with Enemalta.

You can also refer to:

For more information about this process, contact REWS, or email Enemalta plc on [email protected]