Enemalta plc is currently considering the following calls for tenders:

Electronic tenders

The tender documents for these calls can be obtained from the electronic public procurement system . Registration is required in order to make use of this website. Maltese economic operators need to be in possession of their organisation e-ID in order to access this website. More information is available in the FAQ Section of the same website.

Economic operators interested in participating in these calls for tender are urged to take note of the workshops being organised by the department of contracts. More information is available in the tender document.

The following tenders are currently available:

Tender number Description Open Closed  Price for tender   Deposited at
TD/T/3634/2021 (2480) Supply of XLPE Insulated Five Core Low Voltage Underground Cable 19/08/2022 06/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3660/2022 (3291) Supply of Control Cables 19/08/2022 06/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3653/2022 (3087) Supply of 11kV Single Core TR-XLPE Insulated Cables 22/08/2022 06/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3651/2022 (3047) Supply of Low Voltage Distribution Board for Marsa South Distribution Centre 25/08/2022 03/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
CT2310/2022 – TD/T/4206/PC3/2022 (3854) Framework Agreement for the Supply and Delivery of Energy Efficient Street Lighting Luminaires for Residential Areas 22/09/2022 25/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/Q/1861/2022 (5164) Supply and Delivery of Current Transformers 12/09/2022 06/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
HO/T/4107/PC3/2022 (3159) Framework Agreement for the Disposal of Waste Oils in Drums and IBCs 14/09/2022 14/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3680/2022 (4245) Supply and Delivery of Bimetal Terminals and Connectors 14/09/2022 14/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3678/2022 (4178) Fabricated Mild Steel Parts D-Irons 15/09/2022 21/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
CT2204/2022 – TD/T/4205/PC3/2022 (3735) Framework Agreement (Contract) for the Supply and Delivery of Steel Poles for Street Lighting 17/09/2022 20/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
HO/T/4108/PC3/2022 (4011) Framework Agreement for the Disposal of Wood 20/09/2022 20/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
HO/T/4104/PC3/2021 (2355) Framework Agreement for Pest Control at Enemalta plc 22/09/2022 25/10/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3683/2022 (4444) Supply of Service Boxes 25 Amps 23/09/2022 01/11/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3695/2022 (4874) Supply and Delivery of Foot Operated Compression Tools 26/09/2022 10/11/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/3676/2022 (4202) Supply of Brass Cable Glands 27/09/2022 14/11/2022 NIL  9:30am*
TD/T/4193/PC3/2021 (1978) Framework Agreement for the Supply of Fabricated Mild Steel Parts 27/09/2022 14/11/2022 NIL  9:30am*


* The above electronic tenders will be received on the day and time indicated. Tenders are to be submitted online only on www.etenders.gov.mt

Other Enemalta tenders

Tender number Description Open Closed  Price for tender   Deposited at


Economic operators interested in receiving clarification notes for tenders that are not e-tenders, are to register their interest by sending an e-mail to tenderenquiries.em@enemalta.com.mt. Clarification notes are sent by e-mail to all those who registered their interest in the tender. Clarification notes constitute an integral part of the tender documentation.

Tenders that carry a participation fee may be purchased by calling at our procurement section, 3rd floor Administration Building, Church Wharf, Marsa.

Enquiries on tenders published by Enemalta plc may be made by either calling on 22980736 (Ms. Jennifer Aquilina) or by sending an email on tenderenquiries.em@enemalta.com.mt.

Enemalta tenders published by the department of contracts are not featured on this website. They are published in the government gazette.

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