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Service application forms

Here’s a list of ARMS forms required to apply for our services. Each application form includes details about relevant regulations and terms and conditions as well as a list of additional documents that you would need to submit when requesting the service you are interested in.

You may submit your application forms to ARMS who will process your request and forward it to our engineers and technicians so that we can provide you with the required service as soon as possible.    

Application Form Be – Alteration of electricity service
Application Form Ce – Removal of electricity service
Application Form CM – Claim for Damages
Application Form Ee – Power factor correction
Application Form F – Registration of change in consumer
Application Form He – Request for test or change of meter
Application Form M – Advisory Board
Application Form P – SEPA Direct Debit mandate
Application Form PV – PV connection
Application Form REC – Reconnection of service
Application Form Te – Temporary electricity services
Application Form We – Connecting a mirco wind turbine to the grid