Technical service specifications

We are committed to providing you with an optimal service in line with all applicable regulations and international standards.
Here are the technical service levels of the electricity supply that we provide you with.

System Voltage
Malta’s distribution system network operates at these nominal voltages:

Low Voltage (LV) 230 V – phase to neutral
Low Voltage (LV) 400 V – phase to phase
Medium Voltage (MV) 11,000 V (11 kV)
Medium Voltage (MV) 33,000 V (33 kV)

Our engineers and technicians monitor and operate the distribution system to ensure that the voltage of your supply complies with these levels. Residential electricity supplies are provided through the low voltage range. The tolerance of this range shall be 230 V +/- 10% (phase-neutral). The resulting voltage at different points on the system depends on several factors, but can be expected to be in accordance with the following table under steady state and normal operating conditions.

Nominal voltage Steady-state tolerance Impulse voltage
230 V (single phase) ±10% 6 kV
400 V (across phases) ±10% 6 kV
 11 kV (across phases) +5, -5% 75 kV
 33 kV (across phases)  +5, -10%  170 kV

System Frequency
The nominal frequency of the distribution system voltage is 50 Hz. We aim to maintain the cumulative frequency drift over a 30-day period as close to zero as possible. Under normal operating conditions, the mean value measured over 10 seconds of the fundamental frequency shall be within a range of:

50 Hz ± 1% (i.e. 49.5 to 50.5 Hz) during 99.5% of a year; 
50 Hz -5/+4% (i.e. 47.5 to 52.0 Hz) during 100% of the time.

Service level difficulties
 If you have reason to believe that the voltage and frequency levels of our service are not within the specified limits, you are encouraged to report your concerns to our Customer Care team immediately. Your report will be investigated in less than 30 days. If any interventions are necessary to resolve your difficulties, we will seek to implement them as soon as possible, within 30 days following the conclusion of investigations, unless extensive network development works are required.   

Network Code
The Network Code which is published by Enemalta plc as the Distribution System Operator in Malta, defines the technical safety criteria and the technical rules establishing the minimum technical design and operation requirements for the connection to the system of generating installations, distribution system, directly connected consumer ‘s equipment, interconnector circuits and direct lines. This code also sets the minimum operational rules and obligations on the network security and foreseeable circumstances in which security shall be maintained.