Enemalta plc appoints new CEO


The Board of Directors of Enemalta plc announced the appointment of Inġ. Jason Vella as the Company’s new Chief Executive Officer (CEO), effective from 1st January 2018.

Inġ. Vella will be heading the Enemalta Board of Management in administering the Company’s services and operations and in attaining the strategic objectives set by the Board of Directors. He will also be supporting Inġ. Fredrick Azzopardi, Enemalta plc’s Chairman, who will continue to chair the Board of Directors and ensure the Company’s long-term sustainability through increased efficiency, higher customer satisfaction levels and the development of new diversification opportunities. 

Inġ. Vella joined Enemalta in 2017 to manage the Company’s recently-launched Business Strategy and Commercial Department. In this role, he coordinated the implementation of several new investments, including industrial power engineering services to major manufacturing firms, renewable energy projects and the Company’s recently-announced collaboration with Streamcast Technologies, Inc. for the development of a global data centre at Enemalta’s underground facility in Marsa.      

An electrical engineer by profession, Inġ. Vella formed part of the senior management of several local companies, including GO plc and its subsidiaries, and Alberta Fire and Security Ltd. His customer-oriented business approach and experience in operational optimisation will help Enemalta consolidate the turnaround achieved during the last four years as the Company got back in the black after years of financial difficulties. He will also extend Enemalta’s effort to seek new investment opportunities in the energy sector and in other markets locally and beyond.  

Inġ. Fredrick Azzopardi explained that following its milestone developments during the last four years, Enemalta is now entering a new phase of growth and development. “Our organisation is today completely different to what it used to be a few years ago. We transformed the country’s electricity generation and distribution operations to provide our customers with clean, reliable energy services at affordable rates. We also streamlined all our operations to reduce losses and return to profitability. We now need to build on these foundations to ensure that we maintain and extend our positive results in the coming years.”

Inġ. Vella thanked the Company’s Board of Directors for entrusting him with the management of the Company. “At Enemalta I am working with a dedicated team of employees who rose to the occasion as soon as they were presented with an opportunity to bring Enemalta back on its feet. I am honoured to have formed part of this team during 2017 and look forward to my new responsibilities as of January. To maintain our current strong financial standing without neglecting our commitment to constantly upgrade the country’s electricity infrastructure and improve the quality of our services, we must creatively maximise the potential of our resources whilst seeking new growth opportunities beyond our core operations,” Inġ. Vella concluded.