Other services

You may need other electricity services from our Company. We are committed to offer these services at a fair price and within a reasonable timeframe. To request one of these services, kindly fill in the appropriate application form and submit it to ARMS . Each application form includes details about relevant regulations and terms and conditions as well as a list of documents which are necessary for the service you are interested in.   
Here are some of the services you may require: 

Alteration of Electricity Service
Request this service when you need to increase or decrease the contracted load of your electricity supply, or when you need to shift your electricity meter to another, nearby, location within the same property.

Application Form Be – Alteration of electricity service

Removal of Service
This service is required when you no longer need the electricity supply we provide you with and would like to remove the meter and all related equipment. This form must always be submitted when a building supplied with an electricity service by Enemalta is going to be demolished.

Application Form Ce – Removal of electricity service

Deviations/Gaiters/Switching off Low Voltage Feeder
 Through these services, we can assist you by deviating or covering aerial lines that are close to sites or buildings, so that you can safely carry out maintenance, demolition or construction works. In certain cases, you may also request to temporarily disconnect low voltage cables passing through or close to a site or building, in order to carry out similar works safely. 

Application Form De – Gaiters, switching or deviation of aerial lines

Other service application forms

Application Form Ee – Power factor correction
Application Form REC – Reconnection of service
Application Form Te – Temporary electricity services
Application Form EV – EV meter