GESIS – Three Phase CT Operated Meter

From June 2024, Enemalta started to install a new smart meter model for bulk supply installations with primary currents up to 1000A per phase.  This new meter model, the GESIS meter is the third meter type in the Second Generation range of Smart Meters to be introduced by Enemalta after the successful installation of the Single Phase and Three Phase Smart meters.

GESIS meters are generally installed in cubicles/enclosures since these are mostly used for industrial and commercial installations.  These meters supplied by Gridspertise, are made from 100% recycled plastic, introduce benefits for the environment both in terms of reducing CO2 and material waste, thus contributing to reach Enemalta’s ISO 14001 EMS objectives.

GESIS Meter conforms to EU MID directive 2014/32/EU, references CEI EN 50470-1, CEI EN 50470-3 and EU RED 2014/53/EU. 


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