December 2017

Electricity safety regulations


Electricity safety regulations Follow the rules... According to the Laws of Malta, every property connected to the national electricity grid (single and three phase installations) shall be equipped with [...]

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November 2017

Basic safety considerations


Basic safety considerations Your electricity installation needs regular testing and maintenance. Here's a quick checklist to get you started:  Where are your switching and protection systems? Where is your [...]

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Bathroom electricity safety


Bathroom electricity safety Water and electricity can be a deadly combination. Take note of these tips to make sure your bathroom is safe for all its users: Except for [...]

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Bedroom electricity safety


Bedroom electricity safety Consider these suggestions to avoid electrical hazards in your bedrooms:  Check the leads and plugs of the electrical appliances on the bedside tables, including lamps, chargers [...]

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Kitchen electricity safety


Kitchen electricity safety The largest and most-frequently used electrical appliances in the home are usually in the kitchen area. Here are some precautions you can follow: Familiarise yourself with [...]

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Other safety tips


Other safety tips Here are some other electricity safety tips that can come in handy around the house: Never touch electrical equipment, including light switches, when your hands are [...]

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