Measuring your consumption

Your electricity consumption is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). One kilowatt hour is the amount of electrical energy consumed when switching on electrical equipment rated at 1,000 watts for one hour. In your bill, one kilowatt hour is represented as one unit.

Customers with high electricity consumption levels connected through dedicated electricity supply cables receive readings in kilovolt-ampere hours (kVAh). This unit represents an electrical power of 1,000 volt-amperes dissipated continuously for a period of one hour.

Your electricity consumption is measured through the electricity meters installed in your property. We measure electricity consumption through smart meters capable of transmitting your electricity consumption data to us remotely. Smart meters also provide you with additional information, including daily consumption readings at the press of a button to help you monitor and control of your energy use.

In some cases, ARMS might still need to send its meter reader to take note of your smart meter readings for billing purposes. If no one provides access to your property, the meter reader will leave a note indicating a second appointment date. If this second attempt fails as well, you will find a note requesting you to submit your readings to ARMS within five days. After this period you may still submit your readings to request an updated invoice, but a minimal administrative fee shall apply. You may refer to the ARMS website for more information about submitting your consumption readings.

Old electricity meters
If you still have older meters installed in your property, you are encouraged to inform our customer care team to have them replaced with a smart meter. Until your meter is replaced, ARMS meter readers will continue visiting your property regularly to take note of your consumption.

Along with ARMS, we may also offer you additional online services related to your smart meter. We will keep you updated with details about these services.

Meter tests
If you suspect that your meter is not recording electricity consumption correctly, you may apply for a meter test by submitting the respective application form (He), along with payment of the applicable fee, to ARMS. We commit ourselves to test your meter and inform you of the outcome within 30 days from the date of application for this service.

If the test confirms that the meter is registering consumption incorrectly, the application fee is refunded to your account and immediate action is taken to repair or replace the meter. Enemalta will also instruct ARMS to review the past consumption registered by the meter and adjust your account accordingly.