August 2020



If you have any complaints regarding Our processing of your personal data, please note that you may contact Us or Our Data Protection Officer at the details indicated above. You also [...]


11.Keeping your data secure


We take pride in keeping your data secure and will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data against unauthorised or unlawful processing, storage or access, including against accidental [...]

11.Keeping your data secure2020-08-10T09:39:25+02:00

10. Your Rights


For as long as We retain your personal data, you may exercise certain rights in relation to your personal data including: Right of access – you have the right to ascertain [...]

10. Your Rights2020-08-10T09:38:51+02:00

9. Data Retention


We retain your personal data exclusively for the period in which We may lawfully retain your personal data. Thereafter, your personal data shall be immediately and irrevocably destroyed. Typically, due to [...]

9. Data Retention2020-08-10T09:38:05+02:00

7. Recipients


We may share your personal data with third party recipients who typically are: selected individuals within Our companies, on a need-to-know basis; any service providers that may require access to your [...]

7. Recipients2023-10-10T08:11:22+02:00

6. Legal Basis


We primarily process your personal data for the performance of our contract with the Entity, including any steps which may be necessary to enter into such contract (such as tenders). We [...]

6. Legal Basis2020-08-10T09:36:05+02:00

5. How do We use your personal data?


Irrespective of the manner that We have collected your personal data, We will only process such data for the purposes of the relationship with the Entity or for purposes which are [...]

5. How do We use your personal data?2020-08-10T09:33:47+02:00

4.What personal data do We process?


The personal data that We collect and process generally but not only relates to: Personal details such as names, surnames, date and place of birth and ID/Passport numbers; Personal details of [...]

4.What personal data do We process?2020-08-07T09:07:41+02:00

3.How do We collect personal data?


We typically collect your data: From you (or your employer/person who engaged you) directly as part of the process of entering into a contract with Us such as through forms, contracts, [...]

3.How do We collect personal data?2020-08-07T09:06:54+02:00
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