Air Quality Monitoring

As part of our commitment to improved air quality in the area of our main electricity generation infrastructure, the Delimara Power Station, we commission air quality monitoring through a sampling process on a daily basis in accordance with the standards specified in LN 478 of 2010, Ambient Air Quality Regulations.

The air samples are also monitored for arsenic, cadmium, nickel, lead and vanadium on a quarterly basis.

Two localities, Marsaxlokk and Birżebbugia have been chosen for the air sampling mainly due to their proximity to the Delimara Power Station.

The daily measurements are recorded and to calculate the following readings:

– Daily limit value (in accordance with LN 478 of 2010)
– Number of exceedances of daily limit value
– Annual limit value (in accordance with LN 478 of 2010)
– Annual average measurement
– Highest recorded measurement during reporting year


Air quality reports

Air dispersion modelling

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