Our Environmental Management System (EMS) comprises a set of operational procedures, or in simpler terms, a way of doing things. It leads to a reduction in the negative environmental impacts that our operations may cause by focusing on the causes of our environmental impacts and implementing effective measures to eliminate or reduce them.

It follows a repeating cycle, based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle (PDCA).



PDCA cycle

The process to maintain our environmental commitment starts by committing ourselves to an Environmental Policy. We use this policy as a basis for establishing a plan, including specific objectives and targets for improving environmental performance, which are then to be implemented. Once the changes are in place, we  evaluate our environmental performance to make sure that the set objectives and targets are being met. If not, corrective action is taken.

Every year, our Company’s top management reviews the results of this evaluation and verification to make sure that intended goals of the EMS are being reached. The management also determines system progress, confirms results and identifies new objectives and targets for the following year, in order to maintain continuous improvement. The cycle repeats itself every 12 months.

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