When things go wrong

Our customer care and customer technical response teams are constantly trained to assist you when you experience difficulties in using our services. 

Power cuts and other technical emergencies
If your power supply is interrupted, you must call us on our 24/7 helpline, 8000 2224 or visit our power cuts page on this website. Our customer care team will guide you through a number of steps to determine the cause of your power cut. This may be due to a planned network maintenance operation in your area, non-payment of pending invoices, a fault in your internal electricity circuit or a fault in the electricity distribution system supplying your property.

When you report the interruption, we may inform you that we are already aware of the power disruption in your area and that our technicians are working to restore supply. In other cases – for example, if a technical problem is affecting electricity supply to your property only – we will dispatch our customer technical response teams to identify the fault and restore supply as soon as possible.

You may also get in touch with us to help you with other related difficulties, such as:

  • reporting loose connections, flickering lights or other technical difficulties in your electricity supply;
  • informing us about damaged or dangerous electricity distribution equipment, including broken aerial lines, low hanging lines, dislodged cable brackets and sparks;
  • requesting emergency support or supply disconnection due to severe damage to your property (including fire);
  • reporting meter difficulties, such as meters that stopped recording consumption, meters that are under or over recording consumption and broken or missing meter seals. 

Setting things right
If you are dissatisfied with one of our services or with the level of support that we provide you, kindly let us know and give us an opportunity to improve your experience. Get in touch with us by email, call us or visit our customer care team offices , so that we can take the necessary action to improve our services to you and avoid repeating similar situations with other customers.

Whilst we understand your disappointment, we kindly ask that you remain calm and express your dissatisfaction politely. We may not be able to provide you with a solution immediately, especially if you are contacting us by phone. However, we are committed to getting back to you within a reasonable timeframe and inform you of the actions taken to tackle your difficulties. 

Claims for damages
If you feel that one of our services, operations or employees caused damages to your property or belongings, you may submit a Claim for Damages Application to our customer care team . We will investigate your claim and look into all the facts of the case and any related regulations. If we confirm that we are liable for the damages you incurred in line with applicable legislation, we will offer appropriate compensation.

You may find further details about our compensation procedure in the Claim for Damages Application Form:

Unreasonable and unjustified claims, or claims that are not supported by the proper documented evidence of the damages involved, cannot be considered. 

Advisory Board
If you are dissatisfied with our decision about your claim for damages, about your pending bills or any other issue related to our services, you may request to have your case reconsidered by an independent Advisory Board.

You may submit your appeal to the Advisory Board by submitting the Advisory Board Application Form to our customer care team .

This Board can review cases involving claimed compensation amounts of up to a maximum of €3,500. It will give you an opportunity to explain your case and consider the positions of all parties involved, including Enemalta and ARMS. The Board will then issue a report containing its recommendations within a few weeks.

We will consider the recommendations of this board and take appropriate action, as necessary. You will receive a copy of these recommendations as well.

You may also consider submitting your complaint for dispute resolution by the Regulator for Energy and Water Services, as specified in the Dispute Resolution (Procedures) Regulations (S.L.545.30).