Contact our customer care team

We encourage you to get in touch with the Enemalta customer care team to:

  • report a power cut or other technical difficulties with your electricity supply;
  • request technical details about our electricity services;
  • inform us about damages to our electricity distribution infrastructure, including aerial lines, underground cables, poles, substations and other related equipment;
  • report an irregularity, such as theft of electricity or an illegal connection to the grid;
  • suggest improvements and new services;
  • file a complaint;
  • report damages.

24/7 Helpline:  
8000 2224
Our team is available at all times on all days of the year, including public holidays.
We are always ready to provide you with any emergency technical support, although in some instances, we may need to get back to you during office hours in order to give you additional help or information.

We will always try to answer your calls as soon as we can. However, during difficulties such as unplanned network disturbances or severe weather conditions, our lines tend to be far busier than usual, and so, unfortunately, it may take us longer to answer your call.

While you wait to be answered, we may prompt you with recorded messages to inform you about the areas affected by network disturbances, as well as the expected time of restoration of supply. If you think that your service is within the mentioned areas, we respectfully ask that you hang up to help us keep the lines free for customers reporting other emergencies which we may not be aware of.

During severe weather conditions, we kindly ask you to send us queries or reports of damages, which are not disrupting supply or endangering public safety by email, so that our telephone lines are kept free for customers in need of urgent assistance.

[email protected]
You may send us any queries or other requests for assistance, which do not require urgent attention, by email. We will always seek to get back to you as soon as possible and, in any case, within seven days. You will receive an interim reply if additional time is needed for the required assistance.

If you have urgent requests for assistance regarding supply disruptions, safety issues or other emergency situations, kindly contact us through our 24/7 Helpline, not by email.

Write to us
Enemalta plc customer care,
Central Administration Building,
Church Wharf,

You may send us complaints or suggestions by post. If you would like to send us a letter, we advise you to also include your telephone and email contact details so that we could provide you with a quicker response.  We are committed to reply as soon as possible and, in any case, within seven days. You will receive an interim reply if additional time is needed for the required assistance.

Our office
Else, you may also meet up with our customer care team by visiting the above address during the specified times. We will answer your queries and guide you in obtaining the services or assistance you require.

Office hours:    Mon-Fri    08:00 – 12:00    13.00-15.00
     Mon-Fri    08:00 – 12:00       (summer)

Social media  
Click here to check out our Facebook page, where you may also contact us through a private message.

Reporting irregularities
You can use the contact form on our website to anonymously report irregularities such as electricity theft.

Contact form
Use this form to send us general queries about our services and about this website.

Click here to report a power cut or here to report other technical difficulties.

You may also use this form to anonymously report electricity theft or other irregularities related to our services: