Company profile

Established in 1977, Enemalta is the leading energy services provider in the Maltese Islands, entrusted with the distribution of electricity, and the development of the national electricity distribution network.

The Company aims to offer reliable services to its customers, whilst developing efficient electricity infrastructure to provide for the nation’s energy requirements.

In recent years, the Company launched unprecedented investments to transform its electricity generation infrastructure, reinforce the distribution network, consolidate the quality of its services and achieve long-term financial sustainability.

As a result of this transformation, Enemalta is now producing electricity through an efficient and environment-friendly mix comprising new gas-fired plants, imported electricity through the Malta-Italy Interconnector and grid-connected renewable energy sources.

At the same time, it is also engaged in an ongoing investment in the maintenance and reinforcement of the national electricity network, to increase grid redundancy and flexibility across the Maltese Islands. The Company adopts continued improvement programmes at all technical and administrative levels to constantly augment the quality of its services, to increase the efficiency of its operations and to consolidate the skills and capabilities of its employees.

Through these efforts, Enemalta seeks to achieve its strategic objectives whilst fulfilling its main mission statement; to provide cleaner, safer and sustainable energy solutions, whilst striving to meet and exceed customers’ expectations by empowering its employees and providing them with development opportunities.