Our network

Our engineers and technicians are entrusted with the development, maintenance and operation of the national grid, the system which distributes electricity from different sources of power to all our customers in the Maltese Islands.

The distribution of electricity from the Delimara Power Station, from the Maghtab Terminal Station of the Malta-Italy Interconnector and from several grid-connected renewable energy sources located in different parts of the country, to our customers is achieved through a four-level network, comprising four different voltage levels, 132 kV, 33 kV, 11 kV and 400/230 V. Through this system, we seek to distribute electricity to all our customers across the country, with the lowest possible levels of technical losses. The frequency of the supply of electricity in Malta is 50 Hz.

Electricity from the Delimara Power Station and the Maghtab Terminal Station is distributed to four 132 kV distribution centres (primary substations), two at Marsa and one each at Kappara and Mosta, through 87 kilometres of underground 132 kV cables. At these centres, voltage is stepped down to 33 kV so that electricity can be channelled to another 20 33 kV distribution centres (primary substations), 17 on mainland Malta, two in Gozo, one in Comino. This part of the network includes 260 kilometres of 33 kV underground cables and 13 kilometres of 33 kV subsea cables.

Each 33 kV distribution centre feeds a number of 11 kV circuits, mostly in radial configuration, supplying over 1,400 11 kV substations (secondary substations). This part of the system includes 1,134 kilometres of underground 11 kV cables as well as another few kilometres of overhead high voltage lines, mostly in rural areas. Where possible, we are phasing out overhead high voltage lines and replacing them with underground cables, which are less prone to storm damage and other difficulties.

In our 11 kV secondary substations, electricity is stepped down to 400/230 V to supply our customers’ properties, including residences, businesses and other buildings, through a low voltage, three-phase, four-wire network of underground cables and overhead lines.

The technical levels of our electricity services are specified in our Customer Charter.

National Grid

Network Code
The Network Code which is published by Enemalta plc as the Distribution System Operator in Malta defines the technical safety criteria and the technical rules establishing the minimum technical design and operation requirements for the connection to the system of generating installations, distribution system, directly connected consumer ‘s equipment, interconnector circuits and direct lines. This code also sets the minimum operational rules and obligations on the network security and foreseeable circumstances in which security shall be maintained.