Delimara Power Station

The Delimara Power Station complex at Marsaxlokk includes the four electricity generation plants that we dispatch on a daily basis to provide the electrical energy required by our customers in Malta and Gozo.

The total combined nominal installed capacity of this power station is 537.8 MW. Enemalta plc’s energy mix also includes several grid-connected renewable energy sources as well as the 200 MW Malta-Italy Interconnector .

The two main units in regular operation are DPS Phase 4, a 205 MW natural gas-fired CCGT system commissioned in 2017, and DPS Phase 3, the 2012 152.8 MW diesel engine plant which was rebuilt to run on natural gas and gasoil, instead of heavy fuel oil, in 2017 as well. These two plants are operated by our strategic partners Electrogas Malta and Delimara 3 Power Generation Ltd respectively.

In addition, we also operate two gasoil-fired plants, the 1994 DPS Phase 2A OCGT, and the 1999 DPS Phase 2B CCGT, with a combined nominal capacity of 180 MW. These units are utilised as standby capacity during emergencies or when other sources are unavailable.

The Power Station is connected to the national electricity network through four 132 kV and six 33 kV outgoing feeder cables.

Delimara Power Station specifications


  • Four 132 kV outgoing feeders
  • Six 33 kV outgoing feeders


DPS Phase 2A

  • Operator: Enemalta plc.
  • Electric generators: 2 x 47 MVA (37.5 MW at 0.8 pF) Brush generators, JBE gas turbine driven, generating at 11 kV, stepped up to 33 kV.
  • Turbines: 2 x 37.5 MW JBE (GE) MS6001B gas turbines. 

DPS Phase 2B

  • Operator: Enemalta plc
  • Electric generators: 3 x 55 MVA (44 MW at 0.8 pF) Brush generators; 2 x NP gas turbines and 1 x GE steam turbine, driven, generating at 13.8 kV, stepped up to 132 kV.
  • Turbines: 2 x 38.5 MW NP (GE) MS6001B gas turbines and 1 x 38 MW GE steam turbine, sliding pressure 17-50 bar (a),504 o
  • Steam generators (boilers): 2 x 65t/h Stork Ketels, 50 bar (a) at 504 oC, unfired (gas turbine waste heat recovery).

DPS Phase 3

  • Operator: Delimara 3 Power Generation Ltd
  • Electric generators: 8 x 21 MVA (17 MW at 0.8 pF) ABB generators, Wartsila Diesel engine (8) driven, generating at 15 kV, stepped up to 132 kV, and 1 x 16.5 MVA (13.2 MW at 0.8 pF) Converteam generator, Dresser Rand steam turbine driven, generating at 15 kV stepped up to 132 kV. Engines 1 to 4 single fuel: 4 x 18.3 MW Wartsila engines, four-stroke, 18 cylinders. Engines 5 to 8 dual fuel: 4 x 16.6 MW Wartsila engines, four-stroke with direct fuel injection, 18 cylinders.
  • Steam turbine: (1.65 MW per engine), max of 13.2MW
  • Steam generators (boilers): 8 x 8 t/h Aalborg, 14.5 bar at 357 oC, unfired (diesel engine heat recovery).

DPS Phase 4

  • Operator: Electrogas Malta Ltd
  • Electric generators: Three gas-turbine driven generators. 50.5 MWe Siemens SGT-800, 64.97 MVA Siemens generators, generating at 11 kV and stepped up to 132 kV.                  
  • Steam turbine: 66.0 MWe Siemens SST-900, 88.1 MVA Siemens generator, generating at 11 kV, stepped up to 132 kV.
  • Steam generators: Three Aalborg Dual Pressure Boilers at 64.5 t/h, 81.4 bar at 511 °C (HP Steam) and 11.7 t/h, 6 bar at 285 °C (LP Steam)

Regasification unit               

  • Operator: Electrogas Malta Ltd
  • Gas storage capacity: Total FSU LNG storage capacity amounts to 126,000 m3. Suction Drum gross capacity of 7 m3 at 10 barg.
  • LNG pumps: 4 x 50% vertical submerged HP LNG pumps (each 65 m3/hr at 880 m head with 132 kW electric drive). 2 x 100% vertical submerged small scale LNG pumps (each 25 m3/hr at 880m head with 132 kW electric drive).
  • Intermediate Fluid Vaporisers (IFVs): 2 x 100% Intermediate Fluid Vaporisers at 89 m3/hr each with a turndown capability of 5-100%.
  • Boil-Off Gas (BOG) compressors: 3 x 100% 1.51 MW BOG compressors (electrically driven) each 6,000 Nm3/hr for normal operation and 15,000 Nm3/hr during ship to ship transfer.