Upgrading your network2018-02-06T16:00:08+01:00


As the country’s distribution network operator, we are committed to an ongoing investment in the reinforcement and expansion of the distribution system that delivers electricity to all our customers in Malta and Gozo.

Why do we need this investment?

Our electricity distribution network has to be equipped to constantly meet the requirements of all our customers across Malta and Gozo, every day. Our network engineers are constantly adapting and upgrading the system to meet the changing energy demands of our new and existing customers. New building developments and business investments change the demand for electricity in the area where they are situated, necessitating extensions and reinforcement of the existing network infrastructure.

At the same time, the network’s underground cables, aerial lines, transformers, switchgear and other protection and control equipment, must be regularly upgraded with new technologies, for increased safety, reliability and efficiency. Newer technologies also help us to reduce the negative environmental impact of our services, whilst maintaining our Company’s low levels of technical and non-technical losses.   

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