Enemalta plc is the leading energy service provider in the Maltese Islands, entrusted with the distribution of electricity and the development of the national electricity distribution network.

We are committed to the ongoing development of a highly skilled, diligent team of staff to maintain an effective level of service to our customers. As part of this process, we are inviting motivated individuals interested in joining our Company to apply for the post of:

Professional Executive (Electrical Engineer)
(Jobsplus Permit No. 469/2022)

Further details about this position including key responsibilities and requisites are available hereunder.

If you are interested in this opportunity, kindly fill in and submit the below form, including all required attachments, by not later than Sunday 14th July 2024 (midnight).

All applications will be acknowledged and treated in strictest confidence.

Professional Executive (Electrical Engineer)

1. Basic Functions

The Professional Executive (Electrical Engineer) will be required to:

• Ensure proper management of operations, or maintenance or projects within the Company as may be required by planning, coordinating, implementing and monitoring plans and objectives relating to the resources falling under his/her responsibility.
• Lead and coordinate with teams of professionals, and lead technical and administrative subordinates within the sections falling under his/her responsibility.
• Follow control standards and procedures established by the Company to ensure efficient and effective functioning and safety in electrical power generation, distribution, and protection and control systems.
• Act under the general guidance of management and as directed by superiors in accordance with the established organisational hierarchy.

2. Duties

• Coordinate and manage projects as required by management on electrical projects or plant operations and maintenance, including power distribution, protection and control systems.
• Carry out research studies on electrical generation and/or distribution plant, control and/or monitoring systems.
• Design systems and advice management on electrical power generation and/or distribution and all related protection and control systems.
• Ensure that all operations on generating and/or distribution plant and all their auxiliaries are carried out in full compliance with Health & Safety (H&S) legislation and Company policy.
• Ensure that all subordinates observe H&S practices and procedures at all times.
• Prepare specifications and contract documents in accordance with the Company’s policies and procedures and to submit tender evaluation reports for electrical power generation and/or distribution equipment and any other material required by the Company. Certifies materials received and authorises issue of materials from stores, using systems and procedures specified by the Company.
• Carry out site work and supervision of electrical power generation and/or distribution.
• Perform risk assessments within one’s professional competence and seek assistance whenever necessary.
• Prepare necessary permits as indicated in the Company’s Code of Practice. All permits issued should be in accordance with the code of ethics for the engineering profession.
• Issue Hot Work Permits when the work involved necessitates the presence of the PE on site, as stipulated in code of practice issued by the Company.
• Works out regular maintenance schedules for each piece of equipment and carries out the maintenance required.
• Plans and executes works on plant and distribution network.
• Direct personnel under his/her charge to optimise the operation of plant in such away as to achieve the highest possible efficiency and in accordance with the Company’s policies.
• Ensure that all emissions are kept to the bare minimum and within the obligatory legal limits.
• To see that on regular basis routine, preventive and corrective maintenance is carried out, within the constraints of plant availability to meet electricity supply demand.
• Coordinate with other engineers to plan and run the necessary equipment to meet load demand.
• To take all the necessary action to safeguard and limit the damage to the plant in case of emergencies.
• Maintain technical liaison with suppliers, consultants and with other relevant specialists.
• Commission equipment, auxiliaries and systems related to electrical power generation, distribution, protection and control systems.
• Keep proper and timely records related to the projects falling under his/her responsibility in accordance with the established reporting and control policies of the Company.
• Prepares reports and applications relevant to external agencies and authorities, for obtaining permits and/or approvals as required by the Company.
• Use and update information management systems provided by the Company.
• Make use of any software and/or system that may be introduced by the Company.
• Form part of a competent team drafting Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as required.
• Ensure that performance standards by all personnel under his/her responsibility are consistently maintained.
• Stay current and knowledgeable on latest developments in the field of electrical power generation and distribution.
• Direct subordinates in meeting their work objectives.
• Monitor and appraise performance of subordinates.
• Locate and correct malfunctions in electrical power generation and/or distribution equipment, auxiliaries and systems; organise and direct maintenance and repairs of electrical power generation, and/or distribution equipment, auxiliaries and systems and prepare reports as required by management.
• Direct, coordinate, supervise and perform the necessary action (including switching operations) to restore supply to consumers following an outage and prepares regular reports as required by management.
• Orders spares and any other necessary material by following the purchasing policy established by the Company.
• Perform any other duties, in accordance with the code of ethics for the engineering profession, assigned by management from time to time.

3. Other Requirements

• Ensure high quality and standard of work and service throughout as specified in the Company’s policies.
• Ensure collaboration and communication with colleagues and other professionals within the Company and with other entities outside the Company for the effective and efficient execution of duties.
• A thorough understanding of the relevant technology and good practical skills.
• Self-confidence and ability to work independently or as a member of a team.
• Participates as an effective member of teams and have the ability to supervise groups of technical staff.
• Persistence to pursue recurring problems relentlessly until a solution is found.
• Communicate well, both verbally and in writing.
• Must be in possession of a valid driving licence (Group B) and will be required to drive a vehicle if required to carry out the designated duties.

4. Training

If any of the duties mentioned are not within the competence of the Professional Executive (Electrical Engineer), the Company should provide adequate training.

5. Organisational Relationships

Reports to the Section Manager or delegate as may from time to time be designated by Senior Management.

6. Qualifications

The candidate shall be in a possession of a recognised Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering at MQF level 6 (with a minimum of 180 credits) with written confirmation that such qualification qualifies the individual to apply for the engineering warrant under the Inġiniera Act Cap 321.

7. Experience

Any relevant work experience in the electrical engineering field and/or the management of engineering projects and/or technical personnel.

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    12. How does Enemalta plc protect your personal data?
    We take pride in keeping your data secure and will take appropriate technical and organisational measures to protect your data against unauthorised or unlawful processing, including against accidental loss, destruction, storage or access. Your personal data will be stored manually or electronically on Our technology systems or on technology systems of Our IT providers and will also be processed through emails.
    13. Complaints
    If you have any complaints regarding Our processing of your personal data, please note that you may contact Us or Our Data Protection Officer at the details indicated above. You also have a right to lodge a complaint with the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in Malta (www.idpc.gov.mt).

    I understand and accept that my personal data will be processed in accordance with the above Recruitment Privacy Notice.