Women encourage young to seek a career in electrical and technical engineering


Enemalta is doing its utmost to encourage young women to seek a career in electrical and technical engineering. This has been stated by Engineer Jason Vella, the Chief Executive of Enemalta, on the occasion of Women’s Day, during a visit to Enemalta by the Minister for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development, Miriam Dalli.

The engineers Gaynor Azzopardi, Daniela Camilleri and Ms.Analizia Balzan described their responsibilities within the organization. They also said expressed their satisfaction in pursuing a career in engineering, and are being successful in their respective fields. Their responsibilities include conducting studies before solar farms are commissioned and the process of buying energy from the interconnector and other energy sources.
Minister Miriam Dalli, highlighted the importance for young women to pursue a career such as electrical engineering and other technical careers, which offer exciting work opportunities in companies such as Enemalta, and other sectors in the economy. Minister Dalli praised Enemalta’s reaching out initiatives, all focused to encourage more female students to pursue technological careers, including electrical engineering.

Minister Dalli made reference to the initiative Enemalta has embarked on, in cooperation with the education authorities to have physics secondary students to visit the generation plants in Delimara’s power station and the distribution centre in St. Andrew’s, once the pandemic come to an end. For this purpose, a small book has been prepared by Enemalta and the education authorities, in which students are encouraged to answer a series of questions related to their visit to the Enemalta sites, they had just visited.