The final step in enhancing the Tarxien Distribution Centre’s capacity


The third and last transformer as part of the Tarxien Distribution Centre upgrade project has been delivered.

Enemalta workers are currently installing and testing this transformer. Apart from supplying Tarxien with electricity supply, it also supplies Għaxaq, Luqa, Gudja, Żabbar, Fgura and parts of Cottonera.

These new transformers have been installed through an investment of around €2 million having:

  • a capacity of 30MVA (old transformers had a capacity of 22.5MVA)
  • are equipped with modern technology featuring continuous monitoring system
  • an advanced cooling system that keeps the supply more stable

As a result of this project, the Distribution Centre will better keep up with the ever increase energy demand. In addition, if one transformer develops a failure, the other two transformers will be able to supply the required electricity demand. This will significantly reduce outages in these locations.