Specialised training for Enemalta jointers


For the first time in its history, Enemalta organised a specialised course for its jointers. Such training used to take place internally. This course was organised together with TE Connectivity, a German company internationally known for producing the best medium and high voltage cable joints.

After a series of courses led by a German expert, consisting of theory and practicebased training, 46 Enemalta jointers were presented with internationally recognised certificates allowing them work on cable joints on both medium voltage (11KV) and high voltage (33KV) cables.

Jointers have an essential role withing the company’s operations; both in development projects in Enemalta’s network and in the repair of faults which may develop. Joining two cable ends without compromising the network’s efficiency requires a specific set of skills.

During the presentation of certificates, Enemalta’s Chief Executive Officer Jonathan Cardona explained that this course brought about greater conformity, standardisation and professionality in jointers’ works, which is technical and essential for Enemalta’s network.

The Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise Miriam Dalli welcomed the investment Enemalta is making in the training and upskilling of its employees, which also helps in addressing the challenge to find the technical workforce the company’s operation requires.