Removal of electric cables from Imqabba main square


Around hundred residents residing in the village square of Imqabba, cooperated with the Local Council and Enemalta to remove the overhanging wires in the square, private residences and band clubs, as part of the project to regenerate the village square. A project initiated by the local council in collaboration with the Ministry for Infrastructure.

Workers from Enemalta, are finalizing works in removing around five kilometers of electricity wires and brackets which were installed over the years in the main square and the surrounding streets. These works were only possible after the installation of culverts and various feeder pillars which are necessary for the distribution of electricity to households and the street lighting.

Divisional Manager Karl Cilia from Enemalta explained that such a project required coordination between different entities, but above all it required cooperation from the clients of Enemalta, so that the necessary wires feeding the electricity meters will be installed via the sidewalks.

The mayor of Mqabba, Omar Farrugia said that telecommunications wires were also removed from sight in the square with the cooperation of the relevant companies. The mayor lauded the consensus between the residents, small businesses and the relevant companies, so that the project of removing the wires from sight, was possible.

Mr Cilia from Enemalta, also said that a similar project is in the pipeline for Dingli’s village square.