Public consultation on Enemalta’s new customer charter


Enemalta plc is inviting customers to submit recommendations for its new customer charter, which is being released today as a draft for consultation before it is finalised later this year.

The charter defines the terms and conditions of the Company’s electricity services, including Enemalta’s commitments and responsibilities to its customers and their corresponding obligations.

The 40-page document focuses on the Company’s commitments, including the technical benchmarks of its electricity supply services, maximum waiting times for the provision of new services and the development of an adequate level of capacity and redundancy to meet customers’ demand whilst reducing the risk of service interruptions. The Charter also highlights the Company’s commitment to data confidentiality and environment protection.

Another important section of the document is a list of obligations customers are required to meet when using Enemalta’s electricity services. These duties include providing safe and well-maintained internal electricity installations, keeping their electricity services free from irregularities – such as tampering or electricity theft – and reporting any difficulties as quickly as possible.

The document also gives details about consumption metering and billing procedures and explains the support that customers will receive from the Company when they encounter difficulties in their electricity services.

Inġ. Fredrick Azzopardi, Enemalta plc Executive Chairman, explained that a few years ago the Company developed an ongoing investment to continually upgrade its operations, to provide customers with increased reliability of service and to improve the quality of its technical and administrative support. “As part of this effort to enhance customer experience, we invested in multi-million network reinforcement projects, streamlined the provision of our services and developed new technical support teams to respond to customers’ requests for technical assistance as quickly as possible, 24 hours a day, every day.”

“As a result of this commitment, waiting times for the provision of new services as well as the frequency and duration of power cuts were reduced by over 60% in less than four years. The customer charter confirms our commitment to maintain this continued improvement of our services,” Inġ. Azzopardi concluded.

The draft Customer Charter document can be downloaded from the Company’s website Customers are invited to review this document and submit their comments by email on [email protected], by Monday, 9th October 2017. Enemalta will be considering all valid suggestions received for inclusion in the final document for onward submission to, and consideration by, the Regulator for Energy and Water Services.