Modernization of Enemalta Distribution Centre in Ħal Tarxien


With an investment which reaches almost two million Euros, engineers and technicians of Enemalta plc are working tirelessly to modernize the Distribution Centre, installing new transformers, in the Bulebel industrial estate.

This Distribution Centre is of the utmost importance for the distribution of electricity, not just for the industrial estate, but also for various localities. The Bulebel Distribution Centre feeds 166 substation which in turn provides electricity to thousands of Enemalta consumers ranging from the Three Cities to Hal Luqa.
On Saturday 22nd May 2021, workers from Enemalta disassembled the first of three old transformers in the Bulebel Distribution Centre as part of the regeneration project in which these transformers will be changed by new transformers. The new transformers have been manufactured by Siemens Energy in the Italian town of Trento.

The first transformer, which weighs almost 50 tons arrived in Malta and was transported to the Distribution Centre of Hal Tarxien, where works are being carried out to connect the transformer to the electricity grid. The other two transformers will arrive in Malta in the next six months.

Engineer John Caruana and the Divisional System Manager Karl Cilia who are responsible for this project explained that the new transformers have a capacity of 30 MVA and are replacing the old transformers which had a capacity of 22.5 MVA. In this project Enemalta have also planned for potential augmentation in the generation of electricity coming from solar panels which can be installed on the rooftops of the factories in the vicinity.