Inaugurating Malta’s largest artistic installation at Marsa 


Enemalta plc is inviting its customers to the inauguration of MMXVII, Malta’s largest permanent installation artwork, commemorating six decades of electricity generation at Marsa.

The installation, which is being assembled at Belt il-Ħażna Road, on Jesuits Hill, will be inaugurated on Thursday 20th April, 2017, at 19:30hrs (7:30pm), during an event being held in collaboration with the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). It will include audiovisual productions and choreography by the performing arts students of the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts. The Institute’s photography students will also be exhibiting works related to the Marsa Power Station.
The three-storey metal art installation commemorates the workers who built, operated and maintained the Marsa Power Station’s boilers and turbines since 1953. It also symbolises the development of Malta’s energy sector, with 2017 being a pivotal year for Enemalta as it ends the use of heavy fuel oil in electricity generation, replacing it with a new diversified energy mix based on cleaner gas-fired sources, the Malta-Italy Interconnector and renewable energy sources. As part of this transformation, a few weeks ago Enemalta plc disconnected the Marsa Power Station from the national electricity grid, to continue dismantling it and pave the way for the regeneration of this Grand Harbour area at Marsa.
In 2016, as works to dismantle the Marsa Power Station gathered pace, Enemalta invited the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts fine arts students to visit the Marsa Power Station and create an artistic installation using different components dismantled from its boilers and turbines. Guided by their lecturers and Enemalta architects, engineers and technicians, over 25 students turned the power station into an art studio, observing and sketching different materials, shapes and processes.
The students presented several designs to a selection board composed of Enemalta employees, including power station workers, a renowned metal art designer and sculptor and the Mayor of Marsa. A team of students, lecturers and Enemalta employees elaborated the selected design and prepared the different components forming the final installation. A few weeks ago, the Company’s employees started assembling the installation on site, next to the new Marsa North Electricity Distribution Centre, at Belt il-Ħażna Road. Enemalta has recently built this distribution centre to replace the old electricity distribution node that formed part of the Marsa Power Station.
Other MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts students have contributed to this project as well. 3D design students helped the fine arts students draft the plans and visuals of their designs, whilst media students documented this process through their artistic photography. Performing arts students prepared a choreography that will be presented during the inauguration of the memorial, on Thursday 20th April.
Inġ. Fredrick Azzopardi, Enemalta plc Executive Chairman, explains that this artistic project commemorates a landmark year in the development of Enemalta and of the Maltese energy sector. “As a Company, a few years ago we committed ourselves to dismantle the Marsa Power Station as soon as there is enough capacity to stop keeping it on cold standby for emergency use. This target is being achieved in 2017, the 40th anniversary of Enemalta. This installation symbolises the Company’s turnaround, which is leading to improved air quality, increased efficiency and redundancy in our electricity services and reasonable tariffs for our customers. Ultimately, we are establishing a sustainable energy sector capable of supporting and energising economic development, rather than weighing it down.”
One of the Marsa Power Station’s turbines on its way to the MMXVII memorial site.