Enemalta’s Marsascala Distribution Centre’s Capacity to Double


Enemalta plc engineers and technicians are finalising works on the Marsascala Distribution Centre Project, with an investment of over €2.5 million.

Over the past few weeks, the company has installed a new 22.5MVA 50-ton transformer. This Distribution Centre now has three transformers, doubling its capacity, whilst allowing further flexibility to provide its service to the families and businesses connected to this Distribution Centre.

This Distribution Centre is an important element in the national electricity distribution network, as it supplies electricity to thousands of residents in Marsascala, Żejtun, Marsaxlokk, Żabbar and Xgħajra.

This project involves the extension of this distribution centre as well as the upgrade of equipment, including new 11kV and 33kV switchgear. After finalising the ongoing testing, Enemalta can commission and start using the new transformer over the coming weeks.

Over the past months the company completed several interventions to strengthen electricity supply in several localities through medium voltage cables and upgrades in low voltage cables, as well as the introduction of 25 new substations in several localities in Malta and Gozo.