Enemalta thanks employees on duty on Christmas and New Year’s Day


Enemalta plc would like to thank the employees who worked throughout the festive season to continue providing the Company’s electricity services and to respond to customers’ requests for assistance at all hours.

Almost 200 Enemalta engineers, technicians, customer care representatives and other employees were on duty during Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. These workers include power plant operators, other technicians and engineers who carry out preventive maintenance to the electricity generation equipment and the distribution network, the engineers controlling the national electricity grid at the Company’s Network Control Room and teams of technicians stationed at different areas to resolve customers’ technical difficulties. At the same time, the Company’s customer care helpline is manned 24/7 to receive fault reports and calls for assistance.

On Christmas and New Year’s Day mornings, Enemalta top management officials visited different workplaces to meet the employees who spend these festive days away from their loved ones to continue providing the Company’s services.

The management representatives highlighted the importance of these workers’ contribution. “When we’re celebrating and enjoying these annual festivities, we may assume that everyone else is doing the same. In electricity generation and distribution, there are no holidays – power plants and the electricity network need monitoring, control and maintenance round the clock. We take electricity services for granted, as if it is always available naturally. This is all thanks to the workers who do their utmost to maintain these systems in operation and to swiftly respond to technical difficulties and minimise disruptions to our customers. Faults and supply interruptions can never be eliminated, but our commitment is to constantly improve our level of preparedness to respond to these difficulties as quickly as possible. We thank our employees for making this happen, day in day out,” the Company stated.