“Enemalta provides ample opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the engineering field”


Daniel Farrugia, who was engaged as an apprentice and subsequently assumed a full-time role as Professional Executive within the Planning and Operations Section, shares his working experience at Enemalta while emphasizing about the ample continuous development offered by the company. 

What factors determined your choice in pursuing a career in engineering? 
After finishing my A-levels, I attended a yearly engineering exhibition at the University of Malta.  The innovation and thoughts that were behind these projects inspired me to pursue an engineering career, specifically in electrical engineering.  Apart from the technical knowledge, engineering helps you to develop other important skills such as problem-solving which can be useful to overcome daily challenges or obstacles.

You were engaged with Enemalta plc as an apprentice.  What was your first impression when you joined the company?
Before I started working with Enemalta plc, I never appreciated the amount of planning, workforce, equipment and logistics required to just switch on one single light bulb at the client end.  Electricity in our homes is taken for granted.  The employees at the company take their work very seriously to ensure energy supply to consumers.  Emergency cases are taken very seriously, and all the concerned departments coordinate together.  

Recently you were selected for the role of Professional Executive (Electrical) with our Company. Has the apprentice experience affect your decision to become engaged on full time basis with Enemalta? 
My role as a Network Planning and Operations engineer apprentice was very challenging yet satisfying and exceeded my expectations for my career goals.

Describe a typical day at your place of work 
A typical day in the Network Planning and Operations section consists of high voltage and medium voltage network switching operations, setting of protection devices, use of SCADA, studies for connection of PV systems to the grid and reinforcement studies to improve the distribution network.  In cases of unplanned power interruption on the medium voltage network, I also assist the Operations Engineer to coordinate operations to restore supply to interrupted clients through alternative medium voltage paths.     

What level of satisfaction are you achieving in your job? 
Satisfaction for me as an employee at Enemalta plc comes from opportunities to continuously learn new skills and improve my knowledge in electrical power engineering.  Working within the Network Planning and Operations section has taught me to comprehend the overall operation of the generation, transmission and distribution fields of the Maltese power network.  This understanding of such a complex network helped me to acquire the skill of real time decision making in emergency situations and the strive to restore supply to consumers in the shortest time possible by managing on site engineers and their team at the highest level of safety, gives me utmost satisfaction.     

How do you describe Enemalta as an employer and does it offer you prospective career progression? 
Enemalta plc provides ample opportunity to broaden my knowledge in the engineering field given the vast areas of works related to the engineering profession.  Enemalta offers a very competitive financial package to prospective professional executive engineers.  

Is your current job providing you with your career expectations
As explained throughout the previous questions, this job offers me both the satisfaction and expectations I pursue in my career as an electrical engineer.  I believe that this company offers the best application of the electrical power knowledge studied at university as an electrical power engineer.