Demolition of dangerous structures


Earlier today, Enemalta plc contractors started demolishing parts of the former Sea Malta office buildings in Floriana, removing unsafe structures that were at risk of collapsing.

In recent years, parts of this building, situated at Flagstone Wharf in the Inner Grand Harbour area, were used as a warehouse. However, other parts of this block have been in a state of disrepair for over a decade. These structures were constructed on metal columns embedded on reclaimed land. After years of sea erosion, these foundations are now subsiding.

The Company’s architects, in collaboration with the Planning Authority, identified parts of this dilapidated building which were at risk of falling onto nearby properties, or in the sea. Demolition works started today and will be completed within a few weeks. Several measures to mitigate noise and dust difficulties are being taken to minimise inconvenience to nearby residents and businesses.

The Company will be conducting further studies to review the stability of the entire site, and to determine future use, once the dangerous structures are removed.