Category: Privacy Notice for Visitors (EN)

We regularly collect personal data as part of Our legal obligations and security interests. For the purposes of visiting Our premises, We typically collect personal data through:

  • the pre-notification e-mail that is required to authorise your entry in Our premises which is recorded in Our internal Access Control Database;
  • the inputting of your personal data in our Visitor Management System (electronically in the tablet device or manually in the logbook, in which the security officer must enter your data to be allowed entry into our premises);
  • any injury/incident report that may be compiled in case of an injury or accident within the Enemalta premises;
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition System for vehicle access control; and
  • CCTV footage of selected areas within Our premises.

Generally, you would have provided your personal data to Us.

Third parties such as the company/ies for whom you are rendering the service within Our facility, your employer or colleagues may also have provided your personal data to Us, typically in the pre-notification email required to authorise access to Our premises.

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