Interconnector repairs completed


Enemalta plc would like to inform the public that while yesterday the repairs on the Interconnector were completed, followed by the necessary testing, earlier this afternoon, the Interconnector between Malta and Sicily was made available as an important element in the country’s energy mix thus ensuring the supply of electricity throughout the country.

Following the damage sustained by the Interconnector on the 23rd December of last year, during the last weeks, work was unrelenting to initiate the repair process on the Interconnector, which started on the 14th February.

While it was forecast that the repair process will be completed by the third week of March, and thus it was planned that the Interconnector would be made available to be dispatched to deliver energy by the last week of the month, thanks to the ongoing commitment of Enemalta’s workers and officials, as well as those of Norway Nexans, the cable manufacturer, the repair process was completed within a shorter period.

In the coming days, it is expected that the cable will be buried in a dedicated trench on the seabed, a procedure which will be overseen continuously by guard vessels until it is completed. Subsequently, the commissioned naval assets will be demobilised.

Enemalta plc wishes to highlight its appreciation to all those involved during the repair process, especially its workers and officials, who worked incessantly until this process was completed in the shortest possible time to ensure the reliability of electricity supply.