Residential property services

Installation Charges Rate (€)
 Single Phase * € 300
 Triple Phase * € 900
*All requests for a service where the route lengths, passing through public roads, is greater than 150 metres from a suitable source of supply will be subject to a specific quote. All requests for a three phase supply greater than 60 Amperes (A) will be subject to a specific quote.
Residential Service Charges
(inclusive of 5% VAT)
Service Charge  Rate (€)
Single Phase 65.00 
Triple Phase  195.00 
Residential Consumption Tariff rates
(inclusive of 5% VAT)
Band Cumulative Consumption (kWh) Rate (€)
1 0 – 2,000 0.1047
2 2,001 – 6,000 0.1298
3 6,001 – 10,000 0.1607
4 10,001 – 20,000 0.3420
5 20,001 & over 0.6076
A consumer may request ARMS customer care to register individuals resident in Malta, on a Domestic Premises Service. If this request is justified and accepted, the Service shall be considered, until at least one individual is registered on the Service, as a Residential Premises Service, provided that no one individual shall be registered on more than one Service at the same time and that no individual will be registered on a garage or on the common parts of a condominium.
A  Residential Premises Service, which is provided to the primary residence of an individual, shall be eligible for an Eco Reduction of the amount due for consumption of electricity for the billing period in question, which shall be calculated in accordance with the following rates and thresholds, on a pro rata basis of the relative annual cumulative consumption. The reduction will not be applicable if the indicated thresholds are exceeded:
Single person households
 25% discount on all consumption, if less than 2,000 units (per year) are consumed.
Two or more person households 
 Subject that consumption does not exceed 1,750 units per person per year, the following discounts will apply:
(1) 25% on the first 1,000 units
(2) 15% on the remaining 750 units or part thereof
Residential Premises Service Maximum Demand Tariff
A Residential Premises Three Phase Service exceeding 60 Amperes (A) per phase shall also be subject to a Maximum Demand Tariff at the rate of €21.05 per annum per kW of the Maximum Demand in any period during the year.
The information and figures listed in this page are for information purposes only. Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, in the event of any discrepancies between the information in this website and the Electricity Supply Regulations or other applicable laws, the details in the legislation prevail.
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