Street lighting difficulties

Street lamps and other lighting systems in public outdoor spaces in Malta and Gozo are managed and maintained by local councils and several other entities. Our company supports these organisations by providing the electricity supply required to energise the circuits of outdoor lighting systems.

Follow these steps to report difficulties in street lighting systems, including damaged or dangerous lighting equipment, lights out, lamps switched on during the day or other faults:

  1. Pinpoint location: Determine the exact location of the lighting equipment you would like to report. Provide exact address details including street name, nearest door number or house name (if applicable) and street lamp number (if visible). You can indicate other landmarks, such as a nearby shop, to help technicians locate the difficulty without delay. You may also provide GPS coordinates.
  2. Contact local council: Contact the local council responsible for the area where the lamp is located. Here’s a list of the contact details of all local councils.
  3. Provide detailed information: Give the local council a detailed description of the difficulty. Your description should include the exact location of the lighting equipment that needs attention, the type of fixture (for example, wall-mounted lamp or pole-mounted lamp) and the kind of difficulty (for example lights out, flickering lamp or damaged lamp post).
Local councils’ contact details

Upon submitting your report, the local council will identify and inform the organisation responsible for the maintenance and repair of the lighting equipment in question. If the local council requires our support to resolve the difficulty, it will contact us directly. We will dispatch our technical teams to carry out the necessary repairs as soon as possible. We will inform the local council as soon as the repairs are completed.

For more information, contact our 24/7 customer care team.