How to apply for an EV meter


Owners of electric vehicles (EV) who wish to start charging their vehicle at the comfort of their home may now apply for this service.

Enemalta is offering preferential tariffs for EV owners. A fixed flat rate of €0.1298 per unit applies when charging their vehicle during the off-peak hours (00.00 hrs – 06.00 hrs; 12.00 – 16.00 hrs daily and all day on Sundays), as stipulated by Enemalta plc. The units consumed during on-peak hours will be added to the total current consumption of the household; whereby respective electricity tariff bands apply.

The consumption of the EV charger will be measured by a separate meter. During the off-peak hours, the EV unit (EVU) will be automatically activated, whilst during the on-peak hours, it will be automatically disabled. Users will still be able to charge the EV during the peak hours by activating a bypass function.

Those interested in this service should fill in ARMS form EV.

Technical requirements prior to installation may be viewed here

The enclosed FAQ’s will provide you with further information on this newly launched service.