Installation requirements

A space of 30x20x20cm is required for services up to 60A/phase, regardless of setting (domestic/residential/non-residential).

No, you must first apply for electricity service by filling in form A on the ARMS website.

If your garage is part of your residence and you already have an electricity service, you can apply for an EV meter. The EV meter must be in the vicinity of the main meter.
If not, you have to apply for a new service through ARMS via Form A to obtain an electricity service and then for an EV meter service via Form EV.

This depends on how much electricity you consume. If when charging your car, your electricity consumption exceeds 40A, one can apply for a three-phase supply with ARMS.

The EV meter is installed in the vicinity of the main electricity meter.

Yes, you can apply for ‘Shifting’, however both the Enemalta main meter and the EV meter will have to remain installed next to each other.