Technical queries

No, only the EV charge can be connected to the service. If other devices or appliances are connected to the EV circuit the EV service will be suspended indefinately.

Simply plug in the vehicle at any time and the circuit will switch on automatically during off-peak hours.

The bypass button on the EV box has to be pressed and the EV circuit will switch on and remain active till 6.oohrs of the following day. 

The problem in this case could be that the maximum contracted power on the meter is being exceeded. Contact ARMS Customer Care in such cases. It is very important that prior to applying for an EV meter, the total connected load including the EV charging unit are within the single-phase contracted load (40A). Otherwise, one would have to apply for an additional load. It is recommended that applicants seek and consult an independent electrician.

Contact Enemalta Customer Care on 80072224 or [email protected]

Enemalta installs an EV system consisting of an EV meter and an EV unit.

The purpose of the EV unit is to control the time-of-use mechanism during peak and off-peak hours.

The space required for the EV meter and the EV unit: 50 x 20 x 18cm (height x width x depth)

Click this link to view the technical requirements prior to the installation.