Applying for the service

No, the same electric vehicle cannot be registered to more than one EV service.

If your garage is part of your residence which is already supplied, you can apply for the EV service.  If not, you have to apply for a new service through ARMS via Form A.

You can apply for an EV service if you have an available parking space within the private property of the applicant where a vehicle can be charged.

Yes as long as the vehicle is registered only on one Residential account.

As long as the account is Residential/Domestic and adequate space is available inside the premise to charge the vehicle, then the answer is yes. However only leased vehicles will be considered. Customers with rented vehicles aren’t eligible to apply for the new EV tariff.

No in this case the EV tariff may only be applied for on one of the accounts.

Account holder of the EV service, installed in the premises he/she is moving out of, must apply for its removal and as for the new residence, another application needs to be filled for the installation of a new EV service.

Yes, account holder of the EV service must apply for its removal at ARMS Ltd offices through form EV.

No, one can only apply for one EV service per account/premise. However one EV unit (EVU) can supply more than one EV charger.

The Peak: 06.01hrs – 23.59hrs and the Off-peak: 00.00hrs – 06.00hrs. Enemalta reserves the right to alter these with adequate notice.

For the pilot project the online form has to be filled in. Once the fully fledged service is made available the  appropriate application has to be filled out by the applicant. 

Click this link to view the technical requirements prior to the installation.

T1 is the counting register for the off-peak period on the meter, whilst T3 is that of the peak consumption.

The off-peak rate is €0.1298c.

The EV service consisting of an EV meter and an EV unit will be installed.