Category: Privacy Notices – Water & Electricity

The personal data of the customers we typically jointly collect and process includes:

  • Name,
  • Surname,
  • ID card/passport number and associated document number (such document is processed for identity verification: (i) either in person at Our offices when the original is requested upon submission of an application or request for information; or (ii) by email/post, a copy is requested along with a submission of an application or request for information, and such copy will be deleted once the necessary verification has been conducted),
  • Address,
  • Contact number,
  • Contact email,
  • Meter reading data,
  • Meter point location data,
  • Billing information,
  • Account and meter number.

More data could be collected for specific situations.

Personal data is also collected in relation to persons residing within the premises, persons who will provide access to the premises and persons inspecting and/or certifying the water and electricity installations.