New opportunities for training, scholarships in the energy sector


MCAST and Enemalta plc launched a five-year collaboration to provide specialised training for the Company’s employees as well as research, internships and scholarship in the energy sector for the College’s students.

On Thursday, 7th September 2017, MCAST and Enemalta plc signed a collaborative agreement to build a formal framework of collaboration through research projects and scholarships. The agreement was signed at the Institute for Applied Sciences, MCAST Main Campus, in the presence of Hon Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment.

Through this collaboration MCAST will provide its support and expertise to help develop, accredit and deliver relevant training programmes related to power and energy systems for the continued professional development of Enemalta plc’s technical employees. This training will help address Enemalta’s development of a national knowledge base in the development, maintenance and upgrading of the country’s electricity generation and distribution infrastructure.

MCAST and Enemalta will also collaborate on joint research programmes to encourage innovation and development in the energy sector. Through the agreement, Enemalta plc will provide MCAST students with “on the job” training opportunities for apprenticeships and internships. In addition, Enemalta is also supporting MCAST in the acquisition of specialised training and research equipment for lecturers, researchers and students. The Company will also provide annual scholarships for postgraduate studies in subjects directly linked to the energy sector. The agreement also provides MCAST the possibility of using Enemalta plc facilities, including its electricity generation and distribution installations, for research and training purposes.

MCAST will offer Enemalta high-quality training programmes in the subject areas requested and will provide the theoretical and academic tutors to fulfil implementation of agreed training programmes.
MCAST and Enemalta shall also enter into discussions on the establishment of The National Grid Power Systems Research Centre as part of the MCAST Energy Research Group.

The agreeement was signed by Dr Silvio De Bono, President MCAST Board of Governors and Ing. Fredrick Azzopardi, Executive Chairman Enemalta plc in the presence of Hon Evarist Bartolo, Minister for Education and Employment.