Enemalta to kick-start 2022 with more digitized processes


The paperless project through which most of Enemalta’s processes are being carried out online through an internally developed programs has entered a new phase.

With the latest system updates, a total of 30 company operations are executed online and this means that physical files are no longer needed.

The registry, where the 130,000 opened in the past 60 years are stored, will not dedicate a shelf to the year 2022.

ICT Divisional Manager, Duncan Mallia explained that Enemalta’s paperless system is based on a Microsoft platform which provides its users with access to all the necessary controls to secure data.

With the latest system updates, the following processes have been digitised:
• Client claims for alleged damage to third-parties
• Files related to damages to Enemalta’s property
• Files pertaining to photovoltaic panels
• Files on the reinforcement of electricity supply

With 30 digitised processes the company is more transparent in its operations, while Enemalta’s environment credentials are reinforced.