Emergency drill at Delimara Power Station


A major emergency drill was held at Delimara Power Station (DPS) today, Friday 23rd July. This drill simulated a fuel leakage in a tank while maintenance works were taking place. Civil Protection personnel together with Enemalta’s emergency response team were called on site to assist.

In order for the drill to be as realistic as possible, Enemalta employees and respective response teams were not informed about this exercise beforehand. Such drills are held bi-annually as per COMAH (Control Of Major Accident Hazards) requirements, to put Enemalta’s Emergency Response plans to test. Following the drill, a report was drafted to identify any shortcomings and improvements to be made. Additionally, ERA (Environment Resources Authority) and OHSA (Occupational Health and Saftey Authority) observe this exercise.

The high level of professionalism adopted by all those who participated in this drill was duly noticeable, and Enemalta wishes to express its appreciation for the invaluable work carried out by its emergency response team and employees, CPD, the Police Force and all medical officers.

This drill also serves as a training exercise to the public. While Enemalta is confident that risks are very unlikely, if an emergency does occur, those living or working close by must follow the steps in this emergency instruction card, which has been sent to the public in the past, and is being re-linked for ease of access.