Interruption in the provision of electricity


This evening at 19.38 an interruption in the provision of electricity occurred in the interconnector in the Sicilian section. Though the cause of this interruption still needs to be determined, what is clear is that at the time of this incident, the locality in question was experiencing severe weather conditions.

This led to the interruption of the electricity supply. The local distribution system allows for an automatic system which closes down the electricity supply (load shedding) to allow for the electrical generating systems in Delimara from being damaged.

As a result, as soon as the electricity supply was interrupted, and ensuring that no damage had been impacted on the electrical systems dependant on gas, Enemalta’s technicians increased the generation of electricity and within eight minutes electricity was once again being distributed on the network. It took a total of 40 minutes for all consumers to experience electricity.

Enemalta apologies for any inconvenience caused but it has to be noted that the automated systems created to protect were only activated to ensure protracted damage to the electricity supply.