Enemalta addresses damages to high tension distribution system


Enemalta plc would like to clarify that the electricity disruptions that have occurred in the last hours was a direct result of damage in a number of High tension cables that make part of the distribution system.

Throughout the early morning and yesterday the damages impacted on a number of localities, including some in the North and South of the Island, and some localities in Gozo were also effected.

Though the provision of electricity is now back to normal, technicians from Enemalta are working round the clock to ensure that all damages are seen to.

Enemalta cannot exclude that there may be short time periods of electrical disruption in some localities as a result of these works.

Enemalta plc apologizes for any inconvenience caused but would like to make it clear that the distribution network providing for electricity in homes and businesses is sufficient to meet all demands including those of summer and the extraordinary heat wave experienced at the moment which has led to an increased demand of electricity.