Testing of Delimara Power Station's emergency alarms

Enemalta plc will be testing the emergency alarms at the Delimara Power Station on Wednesday, 6th September 2017.

The alarms will be sounded at 0900hrs and will last for less than a minute, as part of an annual procedure to ascertain the Company’s preparedness for emergencies at the power plants and related installations located at Delimara. 

Enemalta plc regularly provides residents and businesses in areas close to the Delimara Power Station with information on the actions they would need to take in case of major accidents. The sounding of emergency alarms is one of the safety measures used to alert these communities in such situations.

Enemalta’s emergency response plans are constantly reviewed and updated in collaboration with several national entities and authorities, and in line with applicable policies and regulations. The Company invests in this ongoing process to safeguard the health and safety of neighbouring residents and workers, to minimise the risk of environmental impacts and to ensure the security of the country’s electricity generation and distribution infrastructure. 

For further information or assistance, contact Enemalta’s customer care team on 8007 2224 or on customercare.em@enemalta.com.mt, or link up with the Company on Facebook – www.fb.me/eneplc