You may purchase gas or obtain new service cylinders or obtain cylinder replacements every  Saturday from 9.00a.m till 12.00 noon from:

St. Andrews
at the Luxol Ground


at the parking area of the Addolorata Cemetery


near the Price Club

In Gozo one can purchase gas cylinders from the Depots of the Distributors in Xewkija and San Lawrence on the same day and time.

Distributors will inform consumers on how to transport the gas cylinders safely.

The Gas Division Consumer Service Department can be contacted on tel. nos 21651661/5 and on e-mail address <FONT face=Arial size=2></FONT>

Attendance for gas leaks is provided 24 hours a day at no charge. Attendance to check on non-functioning cylinders is provided at no charge during normal working hours. A Lm5 charge is levied for checks on non-functioning cylinders after normal working hours, and for visits for gas leaks where the fault is found not to be due to a defect in the cylinder or its valve.

Our customers can also send us an e-mail on our e-mail address -
<FONT face=Arial size=2></FONT> to:

  • Place an order for a new gas cylinder. 
  • Submit queries or complaints on gas deliveries.
  • Request certification of home or industrial gas installations.
  • Submit complaints on non-functioning cylinders (non-emergency)
  • Submit an application for inspections on new proposed sites and /or new LPG Installations
  • Request for technical information and/or advices.