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This section highlights the importance of conserving energy for a greener and more sustainable environment and shows how you can save energy and electricity in very simple to follow steps.

Most of the energy we use today comes from coal, oil and natural gas. These are fossil fuels and take millions of years to form so they cannot be produced on a scale which can sustain the current consumption rate, hence the term ‘non-renewable energy’. For this reason we need to save electricity whenever we can, so less non-renewable resources are consumed.

We also have to take into consideration, the global warming challenge. The earth is surrounded by a blanket of gases which traps energy in the atmosphere, much like a glass traps heat inside a greenhouse. This results in a build up of energy, and the overall warming of the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect is a natural process which makes life on Earth possible and helps plants and trees grow.

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When we talk about the greenhouse effect we refer to the enhanced effect which is caused by the increase of greenhouse gases from human sources. Unfortunately global warming is one of the most serious challenges facing us today.The effects of climate change can be seen in our every day lives. Weather patterns are becoming increasingly disrupted and unpredictable and significant warming trends have been recorded over the last century. 

If greenhouse gasses are not controlled, other things will start to happen:
• Thermal expansion of the water and melting of continental glaciers would cause sea levels to rise,
• Semi-arid lands will become deserts.
• Rising temperatures could lead to changes in regional wind systems which would lead to floods, droughts and forest fires.
• Sea levels will rise and greatly increase the risk of flooding in low lying areas.

The more electricity we use at home or at work, the more fossil fuel is burnt and more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. So why not try and make a difference? Little things we do every day will make a difference, and if everyone chips in this will add up. And remember, saving energy will not only reduce emissions of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide but also considerably save money on electricity bills.

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