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Our planet is facing a number of environmental, health and energy challenges. Global warming may be the greatest threat to ever face humanity in the past centuries. Now is the time to act and do something to save the world around us. But what can we do? 

We can get energy smart and start using green and clean energy. This way we reduce the current environmental problems, which are becoming more and more of a challenge the more the energy demand grows. Green and clean energy measures include numerous opportunities to save energy, improve air quality, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, lower our energy bills, enhance system reliability and the overall security of the energy system, and increase economic development.

Energy efficiency and clean energy supply includes renewable energy, which is energy generated from natural resources. It comes directly from the sun, from heat generated inside the earth, wind or even water. Green ideals do not necessarily have to involve spending large amounts of money. In most cases, it‘s more about cutting back; driving less and eating less packed and processed food etc. The more energy efficient that process is, the less pollution will be pumped out into our planet. Together we can create a culture of environment responsibility to protect the environment for years to come. 

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